The Pros and Cons of Using an App to Block Robocalls

Are you tired of receiving calls on your cell phone that state you won a free cruise, are political messages, or talk about debt-relief programs when you aren't even in debt? If you are tired of being hounded by these common robocalls, or any of the other various robocalls you may receive, you might be thinking about getting an app to block robocalls on your cell phone. But before you do, take the time to learn the pros and cons of doing so. Here are a couple pros and cons of using an app to block robocalls.

Cons of Using an App to Block Robocalls

You May Still Receive Robocalls

Apps that block robocalls rely on users to mark a phone number as a robocaller if they receive one of these calls. Once the number is identified as a robocall, it will be blocked through the app. However, many companies that use robocalling techniques change their numbers often. As such, you can still receive calls because the number calling you is new and has not yet been identified as a robocall.

Numbers Can Be Incorrectly Identified

The other downside to using an app to block robocalls is that numbers can be incorrectly identified as robocalls. Some of the calls may be debt collectors calling about a debt you didn't realize you had or a service you wanted a call from. However, if people incorrectly misidentify or mark the caller as a robocaller, the app may block it, and you won't get the information you need.

Pros of Using an App to Block Robocalls

You Can Greatly Reduce the Number of Robocalls You Get

The biggest upside to using an app to block robocalls is that an app can greatly reduce the number of robocalls you get. If you leave your cell phone on at work in case of an emergency, you may be tired of your phone ringing and the calls being junk. While an app can't stop all robocalls from getting through, they can reduce the odds of a robocaller getting through to you.

The Apps Are Fast and Easy to Use

The other benefit of using an app to block robocalls is that most apps are easy to use and work quickly. On most phones, you can block a phone number, allowing you to block these callers on your own. But this can be time consuming. This app already has a list of numbers that have been identified as being used by robocallers and immediately blocks them so you don't have to first answer your phone, identify the call as a robocall, and then block the number.

If you are tired of receiving phone calls from a robocaller on your cell phone, you may be thinking about installing an app to block these numbers. Taking the time to learn about the pros and cons to doing so can help you decide whether blocking robocalls with an app such as Stealth Mode App is the right decision for you.

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